'Absolutely great products! Great customer service too! Sorted out a refund when a package was not delivered. Really helpful with any enquires. A small business I will be continuing to support! Would highly recommend!!' - Cara Higgins

'Charlie is brilliant. Keeps you updated on shipping as and when needed. The products are of good quality, and are reasonably priced. I love the brand and have numerous different items. Great company' - Zoe Sheffield

'Since discovering Refuse to Conform I can’t recommend enough to shop here! Charlie is great for responding back and keeps you updated on your orders. From what I have ordered the t-shirts have been amazing quality and the sizes fit perfectly for being a bigger girl I sometimes find that finding a good fit can be difficult but not since I’ve started ordering from here! Myself and my girlfriend have many clothing and we will most definitely me getting more! The thank you notes just top off the order and makes it more personal so thank you!' - Kelly Cameron

'I would say a good 80% of my time I am wearing some sort of refuse to conform clothing. The sweatshirts are my fave, perfect sizing, so soft and comfy. The boxers deserve a shoutout too!! The delivery is quicker than any online shopping you can do. The guys running it are the dopest people ever. And the brand itself and everything it stands for is exactly what I’m all about. Legends!' - Danni White

'I love my shirts so so much. I have finally been able to get myself these such wonderful and also POWERFUL t-shirts. When I look at these shirts I see a positive movement, I see the future. When I wear these shirts, I feel like I'm a part of something bigger and I feel empowered as well. I am so thankful somebody started up such an amazing company!!' - Connor Leo

'Love how RTC is always coming up with new designs and logos! The quality of the clothing is also amazing! The colour never washes out or fades. Best online brand there is.' - Simorne Strauss 

'Great products that really good quality. Quick delivery and great customer service, I always feel really valued as a customer. I love their t-shirts and have several different designs and colours as a result.' - Anna Holmes

'Great quality products and fantastic, friendly customer service. 100% recommend.' - Sam Coco Linnett

'Always amazing products available and the owners are always willing to help in anyway they can. Loving the new stuff that has just come out can’t wait till I get paid so I can get a new hoodie.' - Ross Waby 

'Continuously buy from RTC, every item has been awesome, so well made. Never had any issues, apart from someone stealing my beanie (guess they liked it so much I wasn’t allowed it) 12/10 recommend!' -  Christine Logan

'It’s very rare for me to find a small t-shirt that fits. Refuse to conform clothing really meets it label with fitting all sizes of individuals. I’m very impressed and will be buying more very soon.' - Hannah Cresswell

'The size, the fitting and the style of the clothes are amazing, I love the fact they use people who buy their clothes as models to promote the clothes! You're Fabulous keep it up!' - Chelsea Craig

'Totally love the range of items on offer at this site. Run by a lady, who is beautiful both inside and outside. Quality items, fabulous prices.' - Mandy Morris

“About 80% of my wardrobe consists of items of clothing from refuse to conform clothing. I have been buying from their website for many years now & I always feel comfortable in what I’m wearing. I’m so thankful for a unisex brand that offers such a wide range of clothing & accessories. There is something for everyone & I am proud to wear & represent the brand.” - Sophie Shasby

Absolutely love this brand. Since first coming across it 2 years ago my cupboard is full of the RTC T-shirts and a couple of hoodies!! I love the meaningful messages on the range. Everyday I wear the brand even if its just my wristband!! 🌈❤️ - Karla Evans1

100% recommend this company. I have ordered several different items from them and I haven't had no problem with any of it. And the quality is amazing infact there not a bad thing to say about this company A⭐ all round - Sharron Phillips

Where do I start at how amazing Refuse to Conform is from the clothing to the service to how they keep us up to date at every turn ❤️ My partner first introduced me to this clothing brand and i can't stop buying 🙈😂 the tshirts have better quality than some top high street stores which is amazing!! They wash really well, I love the statements I can make just by wearing a Tshirt 👌 I am so happy Charlie started this brand. So thank you to her for giving us such amazing clothing and making us feel so comfortable -  Sue and Siobhan